Wednesday, June 23, 2010

For the Love of Crocks

You may have seen some of the crocks that I have found at estate sales and garage sales. My sister got me started with three of them at a garage sale four years ago. I use them as planters in the summer time for herbs and flowers. I thought I would show what they look like. You should have seen the face of a gentleman recently when I told him I use them at planters. He actually thought that I planted directly in them, but as you can see I plant in pots and then place those pots inside the crocks. If you are not aware, NEVER plant directly in one, it will break.

Past two weekends

The past two weekends have been fun for treasure hunting. The weather has been trying at times, but I have found some fun items and some practical items.

I got this great galvanized bucket with strainer and these two hummingbird feeders on the fun side. And on the practical side, I got two cans of rose spray and a garden hose nozzle two weeks ago.

The hummingbirds are finally starting to use this one since I hung it from my flower basket.

I found this great treasure for my little treasure hunter at a yard sale last week. Both my husband and I each had one growing up and our little one loves it. I also found him the wooden Gordon engine w/tender, Anne, and Clarabel for his train table. All the items were 50 cents each (including the telephone). If you have ever shopped for Thomas the Train pieces, you know that the wooden ones are the most expensive ranging from $12.00 to $25.00 each for one engine. I really enjoyed finding them for 50 cents!
Got these two great books at a sale last week as well. I guess the people holding the sale had one last year. They apparently once had an antique store somewhere and have been selling off their inventory periodically from their house. They were well organized and fairly priced. It was a nice sale.

This great enamelware tub will work get for picnics. I plan to fill it with ice and place the sodas and water in it. I know that is not that original, but I don't have anything like it and have always wanted one for that purpose. And the price of 50 cents was perfect!
Found this great Thomas Moran print at the same sale as the enamelware tub. I didn't know who it was by until I did some research, but I liked it and the price was right at $3.00. I will find the prefect place for it in the house. Hubby thinks it belongs in a cabin, but once he sees it up in the proper place I know he will like it.
Well, that is all for a now. Happy treasure hunting to you!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Small finds

June has been fun for finding small treasures. Below is a collection of several sales. All at great prices. A couple of the treasures were picked up the end of May.

This is a wide shot of the treasures. I haven't been very good at keeping up with my blogging, so I just took this picture to include everything. It is kind of hard to see everything, there are some close shots below. The table cloth, green Judy planter, poker chip holder, and the rug underneath everything were found at a estate sale in Camas. Got everything for $1.75.

Here is a close up of the table cloth.

Here is a closer view of the Judy planter, a game of Kizmet that I found at one of Patsy's sales and a French-English Dictionnaire I got at a sale in Camas.

I got all this rick rack at the sale in Camas with the Dictionnarrie and the below candle stick coasters (is that their correct name?). I plan on making some really fun cards with the rick rack.

I found this little bin in a sale of Patsy's at the end of May. I also got two larger metal ones for my husband. I got them the last day of the sale so they were all 50% off. Great deals! This has come in VERY handy in my project room. You can already see the rick rack, ribbon, buttons and other crafty things I have filled it with. The stencils on top were in one the boxes for my husband, but I confiscated them. :)

This little tin item was too cute to pass up. It reads Letters, Bills & Misc, and has four hooks for keys. I am not sure where I will use it. It may become a present for someone as well.

I am looking forward to the upcoming Vintage Gathering this weekend and the upcoming Antique & Collectibles Show at the Expo in a couple of weeks. My sister will be flying in for the Expo. We always have so much fun. I really can't wait to introduce her to all the great people I have met during my outings.

Have a great time in your Treasure Hunting!