Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas Village Find

A few weeks ago I went to an Estate Sale down the road from my house. I wasn't sure that I would find anything since there was already a sale at this same house a few months earlier. But what the heck, why not look.

What I found was rather surprising. I found the pictured Christmas Village pieces for $3.00 each. What was surprising is that after doing some research, they appear to be Department 56 pieces. The village name is Mickey's Village. I have the complete Disney Village from Department 56 and was under the assumption that there were no other Disney/Mickey pieces since Disney and Department 56 had a falling out in 1998. To my amazement, they are back to making a village related to Mickey/Disney. This could turn out bad for me since I have a problem with needing to have the complete set of things and I only just found out about this village. Whether I find out when it started and how many pieces there are or not, I got a good buy and I can use them with my older Disney Village. Christmas at my house will be quite festive this year.

I also found these three plates for my sister for $5.00. They are ironstone plates in a really cool shape. I have seen this pattern only one other time at a friend's booth at the Expo show. They will make a great stocking stuffer.