Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finally made it out again!

So I haven't been able or in the mood to treasure hunt lately. I did sign up to go to an estate sale a few weeks ago and then The Little Treasurer Hunter caught a cold and I was not able to make it. However, I saw an announcement for an Amundson Auction and worked it out with the hubby so that I could go. The weather turned out to be great; although, I wasn't dressed for great weather.
Here are the two treasures I got:

 This is three great pictures of the Monterey Bay in California taken in 1934.  I am contemplating given it to my parents for their anniversary.  They often go to Monterey to celebrate their anniversary so I thought it would make a great present.

 These are eight Ice Tea Spoons for my silverware which was my grandmother's.  I got a complete set of the silverware (5 piece place setting for eight, 3 serving tablespoons, 1 solid casserole spoon, 1 sugar spoon, and 1 serving fork).  Some of the pictures are below.  I am not sure whether I am going to keep the set (it is either the dinner set or the luncheon set and I have the other one that it is not) or sell it.  I am keeping the Ice Tea Spoons for sure, they are very hard to find.

I spent a lot of time at the auction because, as usual, the items I wanted to bid on were last to come up.  Oh well, it was fun getting to know the fellow buyers there.

Until next time, Happy Treasure Hunting.