Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Treasures from the past month or so!

I have found some good treasures in the past two months. Some for myself, some for others, some for the yard and some in the way of people! Here there are:

Last month I traveled to California for my 20th High School Reunion. While I was there, my sister, father and I went to an estate sale that turned out to be that of my first grade teacher who had pasted away in 2008. I found this cute little beaded purse that I took with me for the reunion dinner. More sentimental than anything being my first grade teacher's.

This threesome was my very first purchase at an auction at the beginning of this month. It is a gift for my sister who collects ironstone pieces. The two creamers are USA and the sugar is England. I am hoping she hasn't found the time to read my blog and give away the Christmas surprise. There were many other wonderful treasures at the auction, I was simply overwhelmed with the items and really don't know yet what a good deal is. I am learning quickly though which will help for the next auction on November 14th!

I also met a wonderful collector/dealer (http://kindredroses.blogspot.com/) who helped me a lot with both items and telling me who in the crowd was a dealer or collector.

This pretty little maple was our next purchase at a nursery auction the following Saturday. (Kindredroses was there too and got some great wired tree baskets). We also got one Burning Bush for the back yard. We (Mark & I) should have visited a nursery beforehand to check prices because there were a lot of good deals being had that we were not aware of. Again, learning as I go!

The following week I hit several estate/garage sales. I found a butter crock (has some cracks and breakage that was repaired) and a shoe box of silverplate at one sale. Some old Hop Along Cassidy books and a jewelry box at another. And Conor (my soon to be three year old) found a Radio Flyer wagon at the last one.

This past weekend was the Antique/Collector's Show at the Portland Expo. I did get to go, but I only went to sell the box of silverplate I got the week before. I didn't sell the whole box, but did get my investment back plus a little for future treasure hunts.