Friday, February 26, 2010

Lots of Rain! And a few treasures!

I found this pretty pictures last weekend at an estate sale during the rainstorm. I got a little wet, but didn't mind when I found these.

They are going to make a great present for my sister. I have not decided when or for what occasion I will give them to her. Maybe a great Easter gift, a bouquet of flowers.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Coastal Adventure!

This adventure started with a curious look on craigslist on Monday of last week to see if there were any estate/garage sales coming up for the weekend. And won't you know it, I found a great sale starting Friday. I went to the website of the company holding the sales and found the most beautiful china cabinet. I called my husband and told him that I would forward him the link to the site so that he could look for himself. He did and loved the buffet that matched the cabinet. The only drawback was that it was in Oysterville, WA. Two and half hours away and starting at 9am with the sign in at 8am. Oh what to do? My husband and I discussed the dilemma. He offered to take Friday off work and drive out to buy the pieces. Well, after much brainstorming we decided to rent an U-Haul trailer, get a Motel room and drive out Thursday night.

And thank goodness we did. There were forty-four people signed in before 9am and we were numbers 3 and 4.

I have to thank Suzy of Checkered Past Moving & Estate Sales ( for all her help. She answered several questions prior to the sale via email and directed us to the correct room so we could get the pieces we wanted.

So here they are, take a look at our lastest treasures:

I will get a better picture of the buffet posted once we get it moved into our dining room. Just need to have a friend come over and help. It is simply too heavy for me!

This was an "Oh, by the way" piece that I saw on the website, but didn't want to overwhelm my husband. Once we were there, he saw it and asked if we should get it. So we did! It looks great at the end of our hallway outside our bedroom.

Here is a fabulous bowl that I found once the adrenaline subsided.

One more Hull planter for me. :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

California Treasures

Below is a peek at the load my sister and I got at a warehouse in California. I was down there for my father's birthday. The warehouse is owned by a friend of my parents' who sells things from his parents' old antique shop. His mother collected ironstone and his father collected glass. He periodically takes things out of storage and places them in his warehouse to sell. We had a lot of fun finding all these things. And we even left some behind.

This first picture is of both my sister's treasures and mine together. The pictures that follow are of my items only. Quite the find of ironstone and transferware.

We got all of this and a crock pot and Bauer pot for a steal.

There are six of these depression glass dishes. Price $20.00. There were two reasons why I bought them. First, I love clear depression glass. Second, I have never seen six together of the same pattern.

I like ironstone, but especially the square pieces like this creamer.

We each got one vegetable dish. This one has an artichoke on top and great lines up the sides and on the lid.
Great square dish with simple flowers. My first transferware piece.

My sister got this at an estate sale Saturday for me for "free". It is a great Bauer vase. She got a Bauer pot for free the day before at the warehouse. Just at that to the list I mentioned in "Things for Free".

Here is my latest crock pot. This one is really great in that it still has both the handles and a lot of writing including the patent of the company printed on it.

Patented Dec. 21st 1915

And here is the last piece. My favorite! I love the simplicity of this pitcher. Below is the mark on the bottom and the price tag from the antique shop. It is not what I paid though.