Friday, May 28, 2010

Rainy, No Luck Day!

Okay, what is it with people advertising their junk sales as estate sales? I really wish people would be honest when advertising. I recently saw an ad placed on craigslist regarding this very same issue. Today I drove across town to an "estate sale" only to find a garage sale with nothing but holiday decorations (nothing vintage or cool), happy meal toys, jewelry making supplies and a bunch of misc. stuff (I am being kind).

So my Little Treasurer Hunter and I headed over to a multi-family garage sale and found some children's books and a toy truck. Then a stop at Goodwill to find a 10 1/2 in. clear Miss America plate (that was a cool find). Also got the game Boogle (original one with the wooden dice) and some stensils for card making. So it wasn't a bust, but it wasn't what I had in mind either.

This month has not been the greatest at finding treasures, but at least I got out. The most I have found are books for the Little Treasurer Hunter.

I did get this great Santa a couple of weeks ago. He lights up with a bulb at the bottom. I can't wait until Christmas to use him.

Well, good luck to you in your treasure hunting!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

April's Treasures

I didn't realize that it has been over a month since I posted anything. More importantly, I didn't realize that it had been over a month since I made it out to any sales! Here is what I found in April. Only made it out to half a dozen sales and a few of those I got to late, so not much to share.
I got this bag of old clothes pins at an estate sale. I have no idea what I will do with them, but they looked fun and I am sure my little man and I will be able to craft something with them.
I got this trio at an estate sale over in Hazel Dell. I just love crockery. I will add the pot to my collection I use during the summer on the patio. I put potted herbs in them. The bowl is on my kitchen table with apples in it. Looks fabulous. The vase is McCoy.
This handy little box was a fun find at a estate/moving sale held by Amundson Auctions. It is not old, but will come in useful in my project room. I may get my husband to make me another one.
This is a Hull vase. It has the same colors as the one I got at the coast in February. I seem to keep finding only rectangular ones. But aren't they pretty?

Found this fun old book for my little man. It is not in the best condition (electrical tape along the binding), but it is a fabulous dictionary for kids.
Another tanker. This one is shorter than my other one, but I love them. This love may get out of hand. But probably not with my frugalness.

My last find for the month of April was this tray. Now I didn't get this one for the same price as the first one I found (free), but I think I did okay at $11.00. It looks nice in the dining room.

Well, that is all for now. Wish me luck in the month of May. And good luck to you in your Treasure Hunting.