Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a Fabulous Auction!

I had so much fun at the latest Admunson Auction. It was very, very long, but a blast! Being a collector vs. a dealer, I have a different prospective on things. I didn't mind the fact that it took more than eleven hours the second day to get through everything. I am not even sure what time it ended since I had to leave at 7:00 pm and it was still going with a ton of things left to auction off.

Plus I have learned that I just love the auction atmosphere. I enjoy watching the bidding process, get really excited when I am bidding and love it when I or someone I know gets what they really wanted. I am also learning a lot about what things are worth and what the good finds are watching other people bid and buy things.

So here is what I picked up this past weekend:

This is a great picture that another bidder GAVE me! The story goes like this: I started bidding on a great mountain landscape print that was similar to a Thompson, but chickened out and stop bidding when it went too high for my pocket book. A dealer I have befriended picked up where I left off and ended up getting the print. What neither one of us realized is that he got both prints shown and that it wasn't choice of either one. So when he was handed both the prints I made a comment how pretty this one was and he handed it to me! I asked if I could pay him for it, but he stated that he was going to be able to make money on the mountain scape print and I could just have the flower print. I have been learning a lot from him at the past couple of auction. I can't wait to meet his wife, it sounds like we like a lot of the same things.

This flower frog and vase were a partnership bid with a wonderful collector I met that day. We happened to be sitting next to each other and discovered that we would be bidding on the same thing. So well before our box came up for auction we worked out a deal that we would bid as one and split the treasures. There were three of these vases in the box. Joyce wanted the red and yellow ones and I was just looking to add one or two to the blue one I already have (thanks Gina). Since Joyce had a bigger collection of them going and needed the red and yellow, I didn't mind only getting the green one. I really don't need any of them. So for $5.00, I got this fabulous green flower frog and vase to match my aqua blue one.

Okay, I need help with this bowl. I have no idea who it is made by or what it is made of. It is a pretty bowl and came in a box with the following three items all for $5.00. It was also my first official purchase at the auction.

This small bowl was with the above bowl and is China made in England, but that is all I know. I was after the plate that follows and no one else was bidding on the box, so I got them all.

Another nice small bowl, but as you can see, it has a hairline crack in it. Oh well, it is still pretty and I will find uses for it.

This transferware plate is what I really wanted out of the box. It has two small chips in it, but otherwise it is in great shape. And a bonus is that my husband likes it! I would have paid $5.00 just for this, but I got the three bowls with it as well.

This is one of two candle stick holders that I got in a box with the following vase. I was thinking the vase was Bauer, but I am not sure. I like the vase no matter who it is made by, so it does not really matter. My husband likes the candle stick holders, so that was another bonus.

All in all, I spent $34.72 and got some great treasures and had a great time! I can't wait until the next auction!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Great finds!

Today was a fantastic day! I had four sales mapped out from the paper. Missed the first one because my little man woke up cranky and wanted to sit with me for a few minutes. The second sale was a bust. Just a lot of everyday items that I am not in the market for, but the third sale was the great sale. Finally a sale that was not being put on by an estate sale company, just four of the children (three brothers and one sister) of the former owner. And they wanted to move everything quick.

Are you ready for what I found? Here we go.

I got this tray for....FREE! The daughter quoted me 50 cents, but the brother didn't have change so he gave it to me! Happy Birthday to my sister who collects these. I think this one makes eight for her. It is not in the best of shape. There are some scratches and areas where the black paint has been worn off, but it was a score so who cares.

I love the shape of this restaurant ware tankard for $1.00! It has a crack in the handle, but what do you want for near 100 years old?

I have just started looking for a great glider for my yard and what do you know I found one. I was thinking of repainting it white, but it looks great gray by the cement walkway near the rose garden. I might have to leave it alone. $7.00 for this gem! There were also two other benches the same style and color, but I missed those by a few minutes. Those sold for $5.00 each. Better luck next time.

I saw this sun hat and thought of all my gardening coming up and couldn't resist. What the heck for $1.00. Besides, it looks great on my wall in my project room with my other two hats.

Well, that was it, but it was great fun for only $9.00. When I took my husband back to pick up the glider in the truck, he scored a box full of odds and ends from the garage for $5.00. Including a great smaller shovel I wanted for $1.00. So all in all, we spent $14.00 and came home with some great useful items. Oh, and the little man got some great little cars for free as well. And everyone got something!