Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Expo Weekend Finds

My sister, Gina, made her annual visit for the Antiques & Collectibles Show at the Expo. She always comes in a few days before the show so that we can hit Estate Sales & Garage Sales. As usual, we had a great time! As soon as she landed on Wednesday we headed to an estate sale in Milwaukie. My little treasurer hunter fell asleep in the car so my sister had to go in first.
She scored me this great enamel bowl and two flower frogs for two bucks total.
Thursday we went down to the Monticello where I found a glass flower frog (not pictured) for one of my Viking Blooms and Light vases that I got at the auction in March.

Friday started early, but not as early as I wanted due to a certain little treasurer hunter sleeping in. We started in Ridgefield at a sale where the estate of an antique dealer was being sold. This was not the first sale held and there will be others to follow. Not everything was unpacked when we arrived and Gina and I ended up helping finish. There was a great selection of pottery that we got first dibs to because those were the boxes we helped unpack! We also got really fair prices because of our help. The above picture shows what I purchased on Friday. The two white pieces are McCoy, the blue bottle is a Baby Face bottle, and the green piece is not marked.

These two cute McCoy planters were also from the Ridgefield sale that we went back to on Sunday. The spider plants in the pots are also from the sale that were free.

Got these two flower frogs at a garage sale also in Ridgefield. They also work in the Viking vases. Got them for a dollar each. Score!

I got this great table cloth (that is quite big) and these little Santa's for $1.25 total at a garage sale that we just happened upon. Those always seem to be the best sales, don't they?

Here is my sister Gina with her first purchase of the show on Saturday with Beth, who sold her these great Italian lamps.

And here I am with my first purchase of the show. A third Viking Blooms and Light vase. No flower frog in the picture, but I did get the correct one later in the day at the same booth I bought the vase. They were sold separately and I did not realize what was the correct frog. The frog that belongs with this vase has a candle stick holder in the center. I was told that the frogs I have pictured above were the correct ones. Doesn't really matter to me, they all work and look good.

My only other purchase during the show was this great umbrella stand. It was white when I purchased it, but it was peeling and my patio furniture is black so it is now black.
Gina got some great deals on two cement urns, two fabulous chandeliers, a hand painted tray, sold her bag of silverware that paid for the chandeliers and the tray, and cake plate for a friend. All in all, a great weekend with lots of treasures and fun times!
I can't wait for the Vintage Gathering and the Barn House Flea! Should be lots of fun. Good luck to all in your treasure hunting.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What to do with all of this?

I know that I need to post my finds from last weekend (I am working on collecting the pictures), but I have a dilemma. What in the world to I do with all this lavender?

This basket is overflowing and it is only from one and a third out of six plants that need to be trimmed. I hate the idea of throwing it away, but I really don't need this much.

Here is the remaining to be trimmed. It smells so wonderful and the bees are enjoying it so much. If I let it be, it goes to seed and then I am picking lavender starts from my rose garden like they were weeds. Oh, the dilemmas of summer. :)

BTW, if anyone would like some fresh cut lavender, just let me know.